R1: Mohamed ElSh 3-0 Victor

[1] Mohamed ElShorbagy (EGY) 3-0 Victor Crouin (FRA) 11-8, 11-6, 11-7 (33m)

Victor (on facebook)

Lost out today in the first round of the World Championship against top seed Mohamed El Shorbagy in 3 games.

Some people could see it as an unlucky draw, instead I was really excited to be on court with one of the best ever player of the game.

Overall, I am happy of my performance, playing some good rallies and managing to stay with him for most of the games. However, his experience, hard hitting and volley shots made the difference at the right moments.

Playing with the top players gives me some confidence and experience. It’s always a learning process and I am sure I will gain a lot from that experience again. Can’t wait to be back on court to work on my game and get ready for the next tournaments.

On the other side, sad to be missing the Scrimmages with my team, but I will be following and supporting and wish them the best of luck for the matches 👊 Thanks everyone for the support behind my match, really appreciate it 🙏


I had Shanghai, San Fran and the U.S. Open, so there were three tournaments in a row.

I felt at the U.S. Open that I was feeling a bit flat mentally and physically, and it was nice to get a break, refresh again, think about my game more and see what I needed to improve after those three events. I’m coming here feeling strong again, I’ve done some good work and let’s see what happens.

I’ve been watching Victor for a while, since the World Juniors. He didn’t win it but he impressed me the most. The way he moves on court, the way he plays, he looks hungry, he looks like he wants it, and that’s what I look for in juniors. He’s in the States training with Lincou, I played him for years, he knows my game, so he is coaching him on how to play me and how to move me about.

“He’s lacking a bit of experience now, which is normal, but for French squash, most of them play like Gregory Gaultier. The only one that was different was Lincou. Him and Greg play so differently to each other, Greg is a monster on court and doing what he does is amazing, but I think it’s good to have Lincou’s game as well, because he was such a classy player.

“I can see Crouin moves and strikes the ball like him. I’m really happy to see that he is a quality player, and I know I’m going to play him a lot in the future.