R2: Fares Dessouky 3-0 Edmon Lopez

[13] Fares Dessouky (Egy) 3-0 Edmon Lopez (Esp)  11-5, 11-3, 11-5 (23m)

It must have been a bit of a shock to the Spanish system playing on a freezing glass court after having played the day before on a warm traditional one! You could say it was the same for Fares but the Egyptian is more used to the glass bless him.

Edmon did very well I thought, he adapted to the conditions, and found a better length as the match went along, and put Fares under more pressure – even if the score doesn’t reflect it.


I am really happy to be on Tour again. During the injury, it was not an easy period for me. You start appreciating so many things, including the sweat and how you move on court, the people who are watching, and the sport itself. It is really nice to be back.

I’m not looking for the win, but also to enjoy my squash, and making the crowd enjoy the sport, so I am happy to be here again in Qatar.

Most of the people are waiting for this battle with Diego. Now, he is the higher ranked and he has now played more tournaments than me. It will be a tough a match, but I hope it goes well and that it’s a clean match, one that the people will enjoy.