R2: Joel Makin 3-1 Mohamed ElSherbini

[11] Joel Makin (Wal) 3-1 Mohamed ElSherbini (Egy)   11-3, 6-11, 11-9, 14-12 (74m)

Well, not an easy match that was…. Very dramatic ending and a bit of a messy match all together…
Makin in control in the first game, and Sherbini out of it: 7 errors, 11m. Better from the Egyptian in the second though as if Joel got a bit out of focus on that one, 8/3 Sherbini, and 11/6 in 13m.

A no let overturned to stroke for Joel to start the third, very close from the middle of the game, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5, Joel takes the lead 9/6 but it’s a good fight from the Egyptian, 9/9, a lot of fist pumping/COME ON to help him but it’s two quicks points 11/9, 19m for Joel, 2/1.

Another overrule, from let to stroke for the Welsh  and the Egyptian warned he is sitting on the ball. 5/0 for Joel, but again, the Egyptian won’t let it go, 4/5, then 7/7, 8/8, 9/9.

The Egyptian will have 2 game balls, but it’s Makin on his second attempt, 14/12 in 24 very long minutes. As Makin ends the point with a great volley drop shot, he shakes his opponent’s hand, match over.

But apparently – sorry, I didn’t see it, I was writing the score – Sherbini claims he asked for a review before the handshake (I didn’t realise a decision was taken) and wouldn’t take the “it’s too late to ask for a review” for an answer, keeping asking the ref for a review. It lasted a few minutes until the MC actually announced the following match…

It will be interesting to see the replay as I sincerely do not have a clue what happened there…


“I thought I started pretty well and then I struggled to adjust when the ball softened up. I was a little bit slow and he was firing into the front, he was lower ranked coming into the match and he was going for it. He didn’t have any fear of missing, and he attacked well. It was very stop-start and that’s the way he plays.

“There were far too many interactions with the referee, and it didn’t suit good, consistent squash. It was a weird situation at the end, but it was a clear no let, and asking for a review way after it was a bit strange. I’m not sure what happened, but I was just happy to get off at that stage.”