R1: Youssef 3-2 Daryl

Youssef Ibrahim (EGY) 3-2[16] Daryl Selby (ENG)  11-5, 10-12, 11-5, 11-13, 11-9 (107m)

What a weird one that one… No nails left to Nick Matthew’s fingers – here to support/advice the English players. He had already a tough time with  Declan James’ match, but that one beat the cake….

After taking the third quite comprehensively, Youssef looked the winner but Daryl had other views… Close game the whole way, experience versus youth, and at 9/9 in the 4th, it was anybody’s game/match! Two match balls for the Egyptians, but it’s the experience that ends up paying – Youssef very tired at the end of the game, tinning his two last shots, going for far too much, and it’s 13/11 for the Veteran – well, 37 he is!

The 5th looked going the English way, 7/3, only to see the Egyptian with his second wind clawing back to 7/7… 8/8.. 9/9… a drive on the forehand that dies nicely at the back, Daryl pushes normally Youssef – not like physical or anything, just trying to get to the ball  and actually being rewarded with a let – who unfortunately, twists his ankle badly, and falls on the floor, unable to stand up again.

Treatment for 30m will follow by PSA Physio Derek Ryan. Hopping on one leg, Youssef comes back on court, limping and looking truly unfit to play squash match. “That will go nick nick or tin tin” I state to Richie Fallows sitting next to me.

Guess what. Less than 10 shots each rally, and nick, nick. Nice gutsy finish from the Golden Boy, but how is he going to play tomorrow?…

Daryl (on twitter)

Not sure I’ve ever been so disappointed after a squash match. Horrible way to finish on so many levels, what was a great match beforehand. Hope @Yousseefibrahim injury’s not too bad..

I’m off to go and sit in a dark room and cry!